Silicone - The ingredient in many hair care products that actually damage your hair.

The Fake Shine of Silicone versus Natural Oils

Silicone, an ingredient in many hair care products, seems to offer fantastic benefits. Unfortunately, like many things that ‘sound too good to be true', it’s actually a quick-fix that doesn’t work - it actively damages your hair over time.

What is silicone? It’s the most abundant compound in the earth’s crust - a hard and brittle crystalline solid. It’s used to manufacture glass, bricks, pottery and semiconductor materials in electronic computer parts. 

By now you may be thinking… why am I using products that include this plastic-sounding ingredient on my hair??What silicone does is provide a hydrophobic coating for your hair. The trickery is simple, it lies on the surface of each hair, waterproofing it. It creates a Fake Shine – making the hair look smooth, shiny, lubricated and conditioned. But it’s not!

That Fake Shine actually damages your hair. It doesn’t allow the hair shafts to breathe. It reduces moisture, weighs the hair down, increases hair breakage, attracts dirt and grime and dries the hair out making it brittle and lifeless over time. Not a good option for healthy hair at all!

To top it all silicone does not break down easily and is potentially hazardous to the environment. It’s similar to plastic.

Is there a solution? 

Most definitely… Real shine occurs when your hair is properly hydrated and healthy. A sustainable alternative is to use natural oil products for your hair that are gentle, provide nutrition and allow your hair to breathe. Natural oils make sure that, in both the medium and long term, your hair will actually be healthy (NO Fake Shine).

My Abby Hair-Oil is an all-natural, non-greasy oil that does NOT contain any silicone.

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