“Thanks Abby”

I didn’t think I could find a completely natural oil that nourishes and strengthens my hair the way Abby does but also doesn’t weigh it down. I feel I have to wash my hair every day with other oils.

“Smells Divine”

Afri-Oil smells divine! It feels rich and oily but not greasy and sticky. Some men have commented on the lovely smell. I love that I can use on my braids because hairdressers have told me not to use Moroccan on them but this product is an anti-fungal so it is great for them. I am now using it on my natural hair as well because I took my braids out.

“havn’t scratched my head”

This is my third week using Afri-Oil™ oil, and I say this honestly.. it is AMAZING. I haven’t scratched my head in 3 weeks now, my hair looks super healthy, shiny and strong (no breakage at all). I love the product because it’s a moisturiser and hair food all in one! And the best part of it is that I don’t need to apply a lot.

“makes my hair so manageable”

Total believer in the Abby-Oil product…It’s so so fabulous.
Its the whole product, from taming fly-sways (especially now in winter and all the jerseys), to total nourishment and the way my hair is so soft. It even enhances the colour oh and I forgot to add….the oil makes my hair so manageable, usually styling it is like trying to tame a group of hyper active gremlins but with this oil its so easy. Thank you so so much Abby!

“wonders for my dreads”

Afri-Oil™ has done absolute wonders for my dreads, I need more urgently!

“hair has improved”

I have been using Abby-Oil™ for the last 2 months and am really happy with the results.
I firstly use it on damp hair after washing and conditioning for the general health of my hair. I also use on dry hair should it be fly-away/static.
I can really say that the condition of my hair generally has improved since using Abby

“silky smooth and healthy”

Abby-Oil™ for all hair types has made my hair easier to manage, silky smooth and healthy. The serum has helped me moisturize and nourish my hair and has given it a beautiful shine. The oil is infused with an amazing natural lemon scent keeping my hair feeling light and fresh. This product is an absolute must!

“hair looks and feels healthy”

Afri-Oil is amazing… I’v been using it for 3 weeks max and my hair looks and feels healthy…Everyone around me loves it and can’t wait to get their own. I’m part of the Afri-Oil™ clan and yes it’s amazing!

“best leave in treatment”

Best leave in treatment I’ve tried. I find my hair is healthier and far more manageable.

“Best product”

I love my Abby-Oil. Best product I have bought in ages. People keep asking me what I have done different to my hair.