Sensitive skin OR Problematic skin conditions?

If your skin issues include stretch marks, pigmentation, wrinkles (aging skin), psoriasis or eczema, read on…


Abyssinian oil quite literally has it all!  It’s THE natural oil with the highest concentrations of omega oils. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and provides your skin with sterols, natural vitamin E and antioxidants.   Which all sounds very impressive, but what does this mean for you?   What you get is ultra-light, fast-absorbing products that naturally nurture your skin and do it no harm.


When choosing natural oil treatments for your sensitive, delicate skin it’s worth checking that your chosen face and body oils/serums/cream moisturisers have been tested and that claims made can be verified. 


AbbyOil™️ Face Serum Moisturiser has undergone stringent Patch Test Protocol dermatological testing at an internationally-recognised South African university.  The results concluded that it’s non-irritant.  You can thus rest assured that product specs mirror the brand’s marketing claims.


AbbyOil’s™️ Body Treatment has received rave reviews from satisfied clients in terms of reduced inflammation, itchiness, redness and improved skin appearance.  Those with eczema, psoriasis, pigmentation, skin aging and stretch marks can truly benefit from this amazing, gentle product.


Both of these oils’ active ingredient, Abyssinian Oil, contains substantial amounts of C22 fatty acids which actively prevent transepidermal water loss (retain skin moisture) and deeply penetrate the skin.  What’s fantastic is that the oil mimics one’s own sebum (no matter what your skin type) which results in the skin ‘recognizing it’ and loving it.  The nutrients penetrate deeply and don’t leave you with an oily after-feel.


AbbyOil™️ prides itself on its total commitment to providing natural, ethical, vegan, chemical/cruelty/additive-free products to allow its clients to address their specific skincare needs both gently and effectively.

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