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Abyssinian Oil: Why it is superior to other oils!

Where Does It Come From? The incredibly effective Abyssinian oil is sourced from the Crambe Abyssinica plant (native to the African highlands).  It is renowned for its high amounts of naturally occurring essential fatty acids, making it a protective dual-purpose oil for skin and hair care. Its nourishment easily absorbs into the hair and skin.It is also extremely moisturizing and has excellent strengthening and protective properties. The Crambe Abyssinica plant What Makes Abyssinian Oil Superior? Abyssinian Oil is the oil that is chemically the closest to the natural oils produced by our skin - which means it provides the ultimate natural hydration - more than any other oil on the market. Abyssinian oil contains the highest amounts of naturally occurring fatty acids - higher doses than any other natural oil. Due to their size, these fatty acids create a...

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